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Arguing with the Mindninja! by KannaAsa
Arguing with the Mindninja!
Woman are Mindterrorists!
I thought this would be like a fast drawing, just one day, not more. WRONG!!!
It turned out to take one week, becouse i add more and more details in it! But the important is to get whats going on, right?

In my head i thought that Envy wouldnt be a good Father. At least not from the very beginning! He would be as ignorant as ever. Especially since their first child was´nt the daughter he wantet (next time, buddy ;) )
But Amy know how to deal with that, couse she is a WOMAN! And we all know what the female Human is able to do! Get into your brain and turn on the Mixer XD
The best trick i guess is to compare Ethan with Eliot (Edward´s Son) and to point out how far more talentet he is Raven Smile Plz
ANd after some time of training Envy might become an aceptable Dad^^ ....somehow

FMA Envy belongs to Himoru Arakawa
OC Amy Ferelly belongs to me!
243 deviations
..i need is more Trouble!

OK, this is another Fanfiction about my Magi OC Aaltja and a friend.
She treated me to do it, so excuse my bad english and horrible Story -w-

She try´d to catch her breath while running dow the streets of the Kou capital. The sun had only rised an hour ago and Aaltja was already in trouble.
Trying to escape the guards she went into a side street and hide behind two older Ladys.

"Morning, Miss Han, Miss Shou." she smiled at them.

"Good morning, Lady Lisku." "Isnt it a little to early for you to get in trouble." The old Woman smiled back. They were pretty used to this. It happens now for two years.

"Naaah, your only in trouble when they get you^^"


"Like now, for excample! I gotta go, greet your children!" Aaltja bit goodbey and jumped on a box, climbing on the roof of an house.

Now she jumped from roof to roof back to the castle. If she made it in time for breakfest she might be off the hook!


"I really dont know what to do with you!"

Nope! It would had been to perfect! Aaltja stande there in Kouens Office. Judar, the little chitchatter, told the first Prince where she had been this morning.
THe traitor himself stand in a corner grinning.

Aaltja gived him her "Im gonna kill you" glare while halfheartedly apologizing to Kouen.

"Just tell me. I dont get it why you had to do it?"

"He haves no proof that i did it!"


"Im not the only person that owns an hammer in this country.." Aaltja mumbled to herself

"Lord Shen want me to punish you. And i am really into doing that, you know? Do you know what punishment means here?!"


"I ave never seen him so mad..." Kougyoko and Daciana waited outside and heard mostly every word Kouen sayd.
"I hope he doesnt banish her.."
"Oh come on, Kouha would never alow that!" Daciana calmed her.

Than the doors opened and Aaltja came out. Their friend ran to her and asked what happend, what Kouen gived her as punishment?

Her Face was pale and her eyes seem´d to look to something only she could see.

"Hah! Sucks to be you right now!" Judar flew above them.

"Screw you! Get down here, you chitchatt!" Daciana pointed her sword at the black Magi.

"Household..."  the two girls turnd back to Aaltja. "What you said?"

"He degrated me to a maid!" Aaltja now shouted. "I have to act like a weak, girly, cleaning servant with no permission to train my warrior skills!!!"


"No way!" Gyoko said shoked. Daciana got more angry.
"Im gonna give Kouen some piece of my mi-"

"If you do than you´ll be degratet too, he said!"
Daciana froze in her walk. slwoly she got back. "How long?"

"One week"

"You can survive that. Its not like battling a dragon or something." Gyoko treid to cheer her friend up.
"Right now i would preffer the dragon!"
The last Thing
Daciana belongs to :iconkennera:by Kennera
Especially the Part "That´s love, Bitch!" XDDD

And this: I laughd so hard after a thew seconds!
Especially the Part "That´s love, Bitch!" XDDD

And this: I laughd so hard after a thew seconds!


Anja Reinhardt
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My first Pic was a Pikachu (it doesnīt look good-,-) and other Pokemon. These Creatiurs was the only thing i can drawd^^ since the first time i sawd Naruto. They talkt in a TV-Show about the new Serie. I ony thougt: "It dosnīt hear like itīs interesting. Whatever, i could try it" XDDDD Now, Years later, itīs the only thing i wanna do! XD

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