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Got tagged by KyrintheWindWarrior

Now i tell 13 Facts about myself! Be prepared!!!

1) With 3 ´till 6 i was obsessed with The Lion King!Love

2) Even after years i know the Lyrics of ALL Digimon Songs!Koromon Emote 1 

3) During my Life i want to learn French, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese :D (Big Grin)

4) Im freaking scared of the Thing calld FutureLlama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1]

5) From 7th till 9th grade i was kinda ... depressed^^ The only reason i didnt kill myself was becouse i wanted to know the end of Naruto XD

6) If its possible i would like to become a Mangaka

7) Im quite good drawing with collor pencil and water collors

8) I am really, really childishBonnie's NOPE Face  (Chat Icon)

9) i met all my actual Friends in Acting class. Coincidence or Destiny???

10) A Life without a Dog in my House would be empty T^T

11) A REAL Dog! Not this stupid, bag-siced, Door stoper!!

12) Im slow and airheaded

13) I love my pretty glasses^^

So, that was all^^ Hope i didnt shok anyone XD And now the Questions:

1. When you were little what did you want to be?
A Pokemon Trainer -w-

2. How do you get along with your siblings (if you don't have any then what about cousins?)
Pretty good^^

3. What is the one thing that would devastate you to lose?
NO thing ;)

4. Favorite type of weather?

5. Do you remember how you met your best friend? If so, how?
I was taking a walk with my rabbit around the neighborhood and there she was standing in her garden. She wanted to pet my "Hanni", we saw each other again and so we became friends.

6. How did you discover DA?
I was on Photobucket first, some of them had links to DA and after a year i desited to join.

7. What was is like the first time you drove a car? (Bonus: How old were you?)
.... never happend -///-    ...i hate drivin..

8. Have you ever owed your parents money?
Yes! I squipd my dance class, ´couse i wanted to quit, but didnt know how to tell them... in the End i owed them 77€ for the coming classes of this month

9. What scares you the most?
Stairs... old, rusty, screaming "Im gonna break while you walk on me!" Stairs!!!!!

10. What was the funniest thing to ever happen to you?
Gosh there are so many! ....this might be the best:
in spring this year me and my friends went to the Book/Comic Convention in Leipzig. We got there by Train and when we stop´d in a Town i saw a Chibi Usagi-Cosplayer outside and she was... how can i say it... to "big" to be Chibiusa ;)
Well on of my Freinds wanted us to tell her if we see a SailorMoon Cosplayer, so i yell´d "A SailerMoon Cosplayer!!"
"Other there! The one who is more -Moon- than -Sailer-!"

11. How many different places have you lived or have you always lived in one place?
Im still living in the Town i was born.

12. If money wasn't a problem were would you like to live?
...Still in my House, i gues XD I would pay the bill and get a second house at the eastcoast.

13. What is a perfect day like for you?
Drawing,reading Mangas, Swimming in the Pool, warm weather and draw an REALLY awsome Picture which im happy with in the end


Anja Reinhardt
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My first Pic was a Pikachu (it doesnīt look good-,-) and other Pokemon. These Creatiurs was the only thing i can drawd^^ since the first time i sawd Naruto. They talkt in a TV-Show about the new Serie. I ony thougt: "It dosnīt hear like itīs interesting. Whatever, i could try it" XDDDD Now, Years later, itīs the only thing i wanna do! XD

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It's of my OC tooth he is a httyd character of mine he is half human half Dragon his wings are big enough to make it look like me is wearing a cloak my request is him with hiccup and Astrid and a lower picture of him flying to get food for the island tooth himself has brow hair he is about a foot taller than everyone on berk and his eyes are like a nightfury
KannaAsa Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
unfortunatly i have to admit that im not good with this human-animal-cross thing and i dont like them really
im afraid that it wouldnt lokk any good, more like a grow haired guy with wings....

im sorry, but i dont suit for this pleasureAyano Tateyama (Bows) [V12] 
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