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I love this song ^w^

Ich sollt mich mal therapieren lassen XD


Name: Amy Ferelle

Nickname: none

Age: 15 (when she meets Ed and Al) 17 in the End of Brotherhood


Skin: light

Height: 168 cm

Weight: healthy^^

Eyes: light brown, almost orange

Hair: chocolate brown

Birthmark(s): 2 Moles on her left shoulder and 2 on her right hip

Scar(s): 2 on the Back af her Hands

Tattoo(s): none


White Shirt
Bag in disguise of an Skirt



  Alchemically talented in Biologie
  martial arts



Apparent Goal:

  None bevor she meets the Elric Brothers
  She wants to help them as a request for saving her from her depressing



      Mother, Scarlet Ferelle: She is very religionell and cares much about her Familys  reputaion. She do care alot about her Children, but she worries more that they would be not happy once their reputation is ruined than listening to what they want.

      Father, Archie Ferelle: Amy is very close with him, more than with her Mother. He is caring and a good listener. He spends all his Life on a Farm and he have no intention to change that.
      Brother, Chaster Ferelle: Is kind and he was the reason why Amy learnd Alchemi. They had a typical Brother-Sister Relationship. He listend to her and encouraged her to believe in herself.
But maybe this close realationship made her dependent on him.

  Extended Family:
      Aunt Alexis, Uncle Frank and Cousin Julian Reich: They live in the next Village. After the Tragedy they take Amy in and rise her.


The Amestrian Military: Even though the Military´s Mistake was the most reason why her Home was destroyed, Amy joins the Army. The Reason behind this is that she wants to avoid that they make such a Mistake ever again. SHe really thought she could change something.. until she met the Homunculi..

Amy lived in the smal Town Punville with her Family on a large Farm on the edge.
On the Farm she could be herself: Boyish and cocky, arrogant and laud!
But her Mother and most of the Villagers thought she was... sick or obsessd for being this odd.
So her Mother sent her to Dr. Peal, the high Priest and a Therapist. He was a charming and kind Person, which was calld to do wonders with "the difficult cases".

He "healed" her by teaching her how to act in puplic. In fact, how to fake.

Nobody had any clue that the Doc. was actually an very smart criminal. Instead of doing his "Jobs" himself, he used little children to do it for him. Most of it Amy, since she spent the most Time with him.
He was a Master of hypnosis. But to make sure that he wont be caught, he gived Amy an certain drug with her Tea. It cooled her down and made her fall for the hypnoses. They had just one side effect: Amy had memory lapses, which becamed worse while growing older.

During her peacefull life Amy mets the xingian Boy Shang, which becomes one of her best friends and martial arts teacher.

Chaster got discoverd by an Alchemist from East City, who offerd him to teach him.
Everyone was very proud, only Amy felt sad, couse her Brother would leaf to East City.
From this Day on she felt more alone than ever. The Letters from her Brother were her only Joy.

She writed him, that her Memory lapses were driving her nuts, so Chaster stardet to study the human brain in hope to cure her. But it took him 2 Years until he had a proper working formel. And Amy had to decode his Letters, so she was almost 15 when she finally could use the Formel.

But than her real horror began, becouse now she remembered all the things he did for Dr. Peal.
I love this song ^w^

Ich sollt mich mal therapieren lassen XD


Anja Reinhardt
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My first Pic was a Pikachu (it doesnīt look good-,-) and other Pokemon. These Creatiurs was the only thing i can drawd^^ since the first time i sawd Naruto. They talkt in a TV-Show about the new Serie. I ony thougt: "It dosnīt hear like itīs interesting. Whatever, i could try it" XDDDD Now, Years later, itīs the only thing i wanna do! XD

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